The 2017 Empower Kingdom Offering is about displaying the love of God to our community, the West, and the world.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 by the end of the year to support the causes below...


2017 Giving Options


Feeding Hungry Kids in Schools 

Provides food for kids enrolled in the Vista School District backpack program. $50 feeds a kid for a month. 

Goal: $1000

Soccer Balls

Teams use the gift of a soccer ball to share the Gospel. $100=40 Gospel Presentations.

Goal: $1000

Kids Unleashed 

Offer free classes for kids in the community. Each Kids Unleashed costs $1000.

Goal: $2000

Parenting Seminars 

Offering two free parenting seminars to the parents in the Vista School District.

Goal: $1000

Hope Fund

Supports Parksiders who are struggling financially.

Goal: $2400


Planting Churches 

Support new church plants in the western U.S.    

Goal: $5,000


Niger, Africa

Ministry partner in Niger, Africa.

Goal: $300

Venezuela, South America

Ministry partner in Venezuela, South America.

Goal: $300

Short Term Missions 

Mexicali and Ecuador

Goal: $1000

Questions or comments about Empower? Email us at contact@parksidechurch.cc.