Read: Psalm 119:18b - “...that I may behold wonderful things from your Law.”


We live in a world with many great minds. Creativity and natural intelligence abounds in our society. In literature, there are literally hundreds of thousands of great books and articles written to help us improve our lives. We are bombarded with "how-to" and "do-it-yourself" programs. The internet has opened up a world we couldn't have imagined (and didn't) only 15-20 years ago. Information is readily available and helpful. But while all the information man has manufactured, thought up, divulged and created remains important and effective, nothing compares to the Word of God because these words are literally "God's words."

When God opens our eyes to see as He sees, one of our first reactions is to thirst for His Word. Before that time, sin clouds our thoughts and our decisions. When sin is removed, though, we are able to see clearly, and our love and thirst for God's Word expands. The psalmist asks the Lord here to open his eyes so that he would be able to see the beauty of the Law (or the Word of God). The Law of God is the Bible. The Hebrews had the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament) that they revered, studied, and lived by. They had all been taught that the Law was important and to be followed. What they had an issue with back then is what we still have an issue with today: they followed the Law out of necessity and maybe even tradition, but they didn't understand the meaning or the essence of it.

So how do you view the Bible? Is it important to you? If so, how important is it to you? How has God moved you in the past several weeks of AWAKEN to show you this?

Prayer for the Day

Lord, open my eyes that I may behold wonderful things from His law. I ask that I would never leave time spent with You in Your Word unchanged. Give me an even deeper hunger and thirst for You Word.