Read: Psalm 119:18a - “Open my eyes...”


In today’s passage, you can hear the cry of the psalmist. He cries out in humility, “Open my eyes...”

Do you remember a recent experience when you couldn’t see anything? The thick darkness of a cave? Driving through a heavy thunderstorm? Or more recently, maybe you looked at the recent solar eclipse too long. There are things in this world that physically block our vision.

The same is true spiritually. Sin blocks our ability to see. Concerns of life sometimes disrupt our vision, and we suffer the tragic effects of spiritual blindness. That is why, with a heart of desperation, the Psalmist calls to the Lord, “Open my eyes…”

As we have pursued the heart of God as a church family over the past several weeks through AWAKEN, the kind of spiritual awakening and revival that we desire can only happen as our Heavenly Father opens our eyes. When was the last time you asked the LORD to open your eyes? When was the last time you asked the Lord to open your eyes to see the needs of those around you locally and globally? May we continue to live with an awareness of what He’s doing around us moment-by-moment. 

Prayer for the Day:

Lord, open my eyes that I may know You and see how You are working around me.