Read: Acts 2:46 - "Day by day continuing with one mind in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they were taking their meals together with gladness and sincerity of heart..."  


The Acts 2 church is a beautiful picture of what Jesus desires His church to look like. If there's one thing that we understand about the early days of the church, it's that they were all passionately engaged in what God was doing in their midst. Acts 2 tells us they sold their possessions to help one another, they ate together, they lived life together, and they had "one mind!" If we are honest, this is foreign to us. Sometimes, "church" is an hour and a half experience every weekend where we may bump into a few people we know from previous weekends. But today the challenge is simple: are we engaged in our church?

The fact is this: the more we engage and plug into the church family, the more of God we will experience. When we begin to engage in a small group and serve in a ministry where we pour out our gifts and abilities into other people's lives, we experience more of God! And it’s His Spirit in us that pushes us toward community, serving, and engaging with passion in the family He's provided (the church). Are you experiencing more of God by engaging in a small group and serving at Hope? Or have you slipped into the lie that church is about what you can "get out of it"?

Prayer for the Day:

God, I pray for my church family today. Would You bless those in my small group and those I serve with? Would You give opportunities to engage in a deeper way with those that call Hope Church their home?